Candidates and Ballot

Information on candidates running to be officers of LGBT Democrats of Virginia are below. You may click here to download, print, and mail your ballot to participate in this election. Only those who have been informed that they are eligible to participate in this election will have their ballots counted.


Maggie Sacra

Margaret A. Sacra

As a founding member of the LGBT+ Democrats of Virginia, I have been honored to serve as Treasurer for 4 years and Chair for 5 years. I have also represented the Caucus on the Steering Committee of the Democratic Party of Virginia for 6 years. The LGBT+ Democrats of Virginia is the only statewide organization that consistently is the voice of the LGBT+ community within the Democratic Party of VA. We seek to support the community by building LGBT positive Democratic candidates and seeking to get them elected. We work to educate the candidates, the party and the community at large about issues affecting the LGBT+ community. We are the only LGBT statewide organization that works exclusively to support the Democratic Party of Virginia, Democratic candidates and the community. I have been and continue to be excited and honored to be a part of this work. I would be honored if you would vote to allow to continue to serve you for two more years.

Executive Vice Chair

Victoria Kidd

Victoria Kidd

As a lifelong democrat, I am a big supporter of the work this group does. With the recent changes in the political landscape, we need organizations like this now more than ever. I have watched the world change over 20 years of activism in this space. I believe we have a real need for increased individual action, vigilance, and cooperative participation to secure—for once and for all—the protections guaranteed to us by our government. After serving as one of the plaintiffs for the ACLU of Virginia’s marriage equality case, I opened a safe space café (the first of its kind in the region) where persons from all walks of life can find an inclusive and welcoming environment. It has become the central hub for organized resistance against anti-LGBTQ action at the national, state, and local levels. I hope to continue my service, humbly, to the LGBTQ population of Virginia, and I look forward to serving this organization in particular.

Robert Martin

Robert (Bob) A. Martin

I have served on the LGBT Democratic Caucus for the past five years as an At Large Member and currently serve as Vice Chair for Candidate Endorsement. I am also Vice Chair of the Spotsylvania Democratic Committee and a member of the Democratic 7th CD Committee. In November 2015, I ran for Supervisor in my county. I am a regular and active participant on the LGBT Democrats Board monthly calls and at quarterly meetings. I was a delegate to the 2016 Democratic National Convention. Locally, I am the president of PFLAG Fredericksburg. I have also organized a rally for healthcare at Representative Dave Brat's Spotsylvania office in January 2017 in response to Senators Schumer, Sanders and Representative Pelosi's call to action. As Executive Vice President, it is my intent to support the Chair of the Committee in any way I can. One way is to work with the vice chairs of the various committees and see how I can help them best. The same holds true for other officers. Although the defined responsibilities are very limited, the Executive Vice Chair of this caucus should be very much engaged in the activities of the caucus, which has not been the case lately. My husband Chuck and I participate and sponsor a number of the LGBT Democrats of Virginia events. We have also volunteered to help the Outreach Vice Chair with some outreach events and since we are both retired we have volunteered to help with more events.

Vice-Chair for Outreach and Membership

Donald Davenport

Donald Richard Davenport

My name is Don Davenport. I have been the Vice Chair for Outreach and Membership since 2009. The best way to get people involved in our movement is to engage them in the conversation of working together towards progress. I have been ready, willing, and able to attend any Pride celebration, University event, or DPVA event that comes up on our radar. There is a great need today for someone with experience and I have that experience. We have made great strides in equality and now we are being threatened with backlash from the Republican Party. Let me help get us through these troubling times.

Vice-Chair for Technology and Communications

Joel McDonald

Joel A. McDonald, Jr.

With only a short break, I've served in this position since 2009 and have supported the technology and communications efforts of the organization in practically every way. That said, I know that we can improve in many ways, and if re-elected, I will work with the board and members to make that happen. I've served in a number of positions within the Democratic, including Treasurer and Precincts & Elections Director of the Virginia Beach Democratic Committee and Finance Director and Vice President of Hampton Roads Young Democrats. I am currently serving my second term on the Virginia Beach School Board, having been elected first in 2012 and re-elected in 2016. I am the founder and solopreneur at Comit Strategies, a micro-agency providing web design, development, managed WordPress hosting, and communications services to small businesses, non-profit organizations, and political campaigns and committees. I earned a Bachelor of Science in Political Science from Old Dominion University.

Vice-Chair for Development

Crystal Suber

Crystal N. Sube

I am a member of the LGBT community in RVA. My beliefs regarding equality and justice for all have lead me down a path of social service and activism. I have organized and participated in voter registration drives, marches for justice, and other community engagement activities. I support the Democratic Party of Virginia.

Vice-Chair for Elections

Charley Conrad

Charley Conrad

I am asking for your vote to continue doing what I like to do best. As your current Vice Chair for Elections I have help organize and get folks to canvass thousands of doors and make hundreds of phone calls for Democrats. 2017 is a vital electoral year in Virginia. We are the firewall against T. We must return Democrats to the offices of Governor, LT Governor and Attorney General. We also must gain more seats in the Virginia House of Delegates. I want to keep bringing my energy and the skills I learned in 2008 as an Obama Neighborhood Team Leader. I have used those skills every year and I know we need to keep working doors and neighborhoods for Democrats.


Chuck Unger

Charles Wayne Unger

My Name is Charles Unger. I have been the Secretary of the LGBT Caucus since 2011. I have enjoyed being your secretary and I would continue to do so if re-elected. I also enjoy being able to travel around the state registering people to vote, speaking to people at local events, and working with the Democratic Party. If re-elected as Secretary, I will strive to help make the Caucus the best organization that it can be.


Cindy Bray

Cynthia "Cindy" Bray

I have been honored to serve the LGBT+ Democrats of Virginia as treasurer for 5 years and have been an activist for many more years. I have often "fought from the rear" and been a foot soldier, but I have felt the need to become more involved in recent years. This year more than ever I see that the LGBT+ Democrats of Virginia have a vital role in fighting for equality in Virginia, fighting not only to preserve the advances we have made, but also fighting to expand equality for all in Virginia. I feel that I continuing to serve as the treasurer gives me the opportunity to best contribute to the fight.

At-Large Member

Michael Armstead

Michael Brandon Armstead

I am a second year student at the University of Richmond T.C. Williams School of Law, and pursuant to President Obama's call to greater civic engagement, I am running for the At-Large position with the LGBT Democrats of Virginia. I believe that we, both as members of the LGBTQ community and as American citizens, have a moral obligation to advocate for fairness and equality to the best of our abilities. I am encouraged to have seen so many people take to the streets to express their views in the wake of the elections, but is important for us to remember that protests alone will not by themselves foster the culture of fairness and equality that we seek. We must transform that passion into action and organization. This transformation does not flow from the top down, but rather it arises from the grassroots involvement of concerned citizens like you and me. We are fortunate to be alive during a time of great progress, but we have seen that progress will always be met with resistance. I am asking for your vote to empower me to contribute to the best of my abilities by advocating for candidates and causes that resist the extremist agenda that opponents of fairness and equality seek to impose on our community.

Nicholas Benton

Nicholas Benton

I am seeking to be retained in this office, having served for multiple years on this body and its predecessors. I am a "gay pioneer," co-founder of the Berkeley, Calif., Gay Liberation Front, now an openly-gay founder and owner of a weekly general interest newspaper that is in its 26th year. I am a member of the Falls Church City Democratic Committee, recipient of Equality Virginia's "OUTstanding Virginian" award in 2011 and named a D.C. Pride Festival "Capital Pride Champion" in 2013. I am author of the 2013 best-selling book on LGBTQ issues, "Extraordinary Hearts, Reclaiming Gay Sensibility's Central Role in the Progress of Civilization."

Abbi Easter

Abbi Easter

I would like to continue to serve on the Board because I believe so strongly in the goals and objective of this organization. Moreover, I see this group as really making a difference and I want to put my (albeit limited) time and energy in something that is moving the ball forward.

Brian Reach

Brian P. Reach

I am a lifelong Northern Virginian, and have been an active Democrat since high school. I live in Tysons with my husband, a Venezuelan immigrant, and we are navigating our immigration system. I was a founding Chair of the LGBTQA Committee for Fairfax County Dems, and sat on the FCDC Steering Committee. I have also served as Chair of the VA Young Democrats LGBTQA Committee. I am the President and Executive Director of NOVA Pride, which I founded in 2011 and has quickly become the largest LGBTQ+ organization in the region, having held 400+ events and three Northern Virginia Pride Festivals! I am on the board of VA Pride, having served as Vice President, President, Co-President, and now Marketing Director; and have helped grow the budget three-fold, and attendance four-fold, in just over three years! I serve on the steering committee for the Inova Gay Mens Health Collaborative, and have been a speaker at events including the Moms Demand Action event in response to the Pulse shootings and as the keynote speaker for the NCIS Pride Month Celebration. I am a member of POFEV, HRC, Equality VA, Dulles Triangles, Equality Prince William, AGLA, CAGLCC, Hampton Roads Pride, and am active with Capital Pride and all prides throughout VA. I have strong connections with local & statewide electeds, from Town Councils to the Governor's Mansion. I have spent most of my adult life working for LGBTQ+ equality and inclusion, and am seeking re-election so that I may continue to advance our issues!

John Whitley

John L Whitley

I believe in and am committed to the Vision and Mission of our LGBT Democrats of Virginia, the LGBT Caucus of the Democratic Party of Virginia. I am an ally by name. My Being is LGBT+. Each day I STAND UP and SPEAK OUT for the rights, dignity and respect of LGBT+ folk. From the courthouse to the meeting house and from civic/social groups to public/government offices, I am a consistent and continuous voice and I have PRESENCE.

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