virginia-voter-registration-kitWith ever changing laws, and individual circumstances, affecting your ability and the procedure to register to vote, and actually vote on Election Day, it’s best to be prepared with the latest forms and documentation.

Be prepared for any situation. Always have the following forms available. Click to download as needed.

Virginia Voter Registration Application Form for new Virginia voters.

View or Update Voting Record for currently registered Virginia voters.

Absentee Ballot Application for those meeting the required circumstances to be eligible to vote absentee. The full list of circumstances is available on the form.

Application for a Photo ID for those who do not have other acceptable forms of photo ID to use when voting. The application includes a list of acceptable forms of photo ID.

Restoration of Civil Rights Contact Form for those who have lost their voting rights due to a non-violent felony conviction. This application must be completed for voting rights restoration to be considered.

Restoration of Rights for More Serious Offenses Form for those who have lost their voting rights due to a conviction for a violent offense, offense against a minor, or election law offense.

Annual Absentee Ballot Form for those who are unable to vote at their polling place for a calendar year due to disability or illness.