Executive Board

The LGBT+ Democrats of Virginia Executive Board is composed of elected officers to the board. The board governs the affairs of the organization and has the authority to make policy for the organization and to oversee managerial matters.

Board members are elected in March on odd-numbered years.

Maggie Sacra


Donald Davenport

Vice-Chair for Outreach

A.C. Tierney

Vice-Chair for Membership

Joel McDonald

Vice-Chair for Technology

James Lewis

Vice-Chair for Communications

Crystal Suber

Vice-Chair for Development

Tyler Begley

Vice-Chair for Elections

Deanna Bayer

Vice-Chair for Candidate Endorsement

Chuck Unger


Cindy Bray


Isaac Amend

At-Large Member

Charley Conrad

At-Large Member

Brian Reach

At-Large Member

Bob Martin

At-Large Member

Nicholas Benton

At-Large Member

Caryl Quinn

At-Large Member

Abbi Easter

At-Large Member

John Whitley

At-Large Member