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We are the official organization under the Democratic Party of Virginia. Our role is to be the champion organizer for the LGBT+ community in the Commonwealth of Virginia.

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Remembering Donald Davenport, Activist and Long-time LGBT+ Democrats of VA Board Member

May 14, 2024

Long-time LGBT+ Democrats of Virginia Board Member, Vice-Chair for Outreach, and activist Donald Davenport passed away on May 6th, 2024, after a lengthy illness. Don’s dedication to the Democratic Party was only outpaced by the warmth of his personality. From being at the Stonewall Riot to zig-zagging around the Commonwealth representing the Democratic Party at Pride events, Don’s activism and spirit impacted countless individuals. He will be sorely missed.


Senator Danica Roem Encourages Transgender Visibility

March 26, 2024

Democratic Virginia Senate Senator Danica Roem spoke at the Festival of the Book held in Charlottesville on Saturday, March 23, 2024 about her book, Burn the Page, published in 2022 and her experience as a transgender candidate and member of the Virginia General Assembly. She encouraged transgender political hopefuls to “be vulnerable enough to be visible.”


Remembering Cragg Hines, a “Democrat’s Democrat”

December 19, 2023

Virginia Democrats lost a fixture in the Party with the passing of Cragg Hines on December 16th, 2023. Hines was a longtime supporter of LGBT+ Democrats of Virginia as an early caucus member. He was also a member of Virginia Partisans, the predecessor to the caucus, helping to raise funds to support LGBT+ and pro-LGBT+ candidates for elected office in Virginia. In addition to his Democratic activism, Cragg Hines had a storied and award-winning career as a journalist. He was a correspondent, bureau chief, and columnist for the Houston Chronicle.


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