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Pride Month 2022: Convictions in Precarious Times

June 1, 2022

I actually am writing this because I believe that we can reverse the negative by living each day so that those around us that call themselves our allies will grow stronger in their convictions and support of the LGBT+ community. We will need all these allies as we collectively fight to make our world a better place for everyone.


First Round of 2022 Endorsements from LGBT+ Democrats of Virginia

May 5, 2022

All Democratic nominees for the U.S. House of Representatives previously endorsed by LGBT+ Democrats of Virginia have been endorsed for the 2022 election. Find out more about these candidates and how you can help them win.


How to help Ukraine

April 18, 2022

There are some easy ways to donate to Ukraine. Here are some established and multinational charity organizations that can be safely relied upon for donations.


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