Jun 20, 2023

LGBT+ Democrats of Virginia Launch New Endorsement Questionnaire

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by LGBT+ Democrats of Virginia

As the official LGBT+ caucus of the Democratic Party of Virginia, candidate endorsement is a significant part of the work of LGBT+ Democrats of Virginia. Endorsements from the caucus highlight pro-equality Democratic candidates, and funds raised by the caucus help fuel the campaigns of their endorsed candidates throughout the Commonwealth. As the 2023 Democratic Primary comes to a close in Virginia, the caucus has launched a new endorsement questionnaire intended to meet the concerns of the LGBT+ community today.

“Anti-LGBT+ forces were on the move within legislatures around the nation, including Virginia,” said LGBT+ Democrats of Virginia Chair Joel McDonald. “While we were fortunate to have a Democratic majority in the Virginia Senate keeping harmful and discriminatory legislation from becoming law in the Commonwealth, we’ve watched with horror at the relentless attacks on our community in other states. The new questionnaire focuses on these issues and educates candidates and campaigns while also providing them the opportunity to go on the record with this opposition or support.”

The endorsement questionnaire for LGBT+ Democrats of Virginia now includes questions about ensuring equal access to public services, preserving free speech and expression, prohibiting bans on LGBT+ military service, protecting transgender students in public schools, ensuring access to gender-affirming health care, and more issues important to the LGBT+ community that have been subjects of recent legislation. The last update to the questionnaire was in 2021.

All Democratic nominees and candidates endorsed by their local Democratic committees are invited complete the new questionnaire to be considered for endorsement by LGBT+ Democrats of Virginia. Endorsements are considered on a rolling basis at meetings of the caucus’ Executive Board.