Jun 9, 2015

We Need You!

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This November’s election is an important one for the Commonwealth of Virginia, the LGBT community and the Democratic Party of Virginia! All the seats in the Senate and the House of Delegates are up for election! The Democrats have a real chance of taking back the Senate. In the House of Delegates, we have the opportunity to have a positive impact on select races. The LGBT Democrats of Virginia can have a real impact on these elections by letting the LGBT community know the candidates that stand with the community. Regardless how the Supreme Court rules on the marriage equality case before the Court, it will be important to have supportive candidates elected.

The Candidate Endorsement Committee needs members to review and make recommendations on candidate responses to the Candidate Endorsement questionnaires that will be going out shortly. We will be sending the questionnaires not only to Democratic candidates for the Senate and the House of Delegates, but to candidates for local offices as well.

If you’re interested in helping to have an impact on this year’s elections, this is a great way to help out! Contact Vice Chair for Candidate Endorsements Bob Martin [email protected] or LGBT Democrats of VA Chair Maggie Sacra [email protected] for additional information. Help make a difference in this critical election year!