Nov 2, 2014

Candidate Spotlight: Elliott Fausz, 4th Congressional District

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Our fearless candidate threw his name in the hat for the 4th Congressional District seat, challenging incumbent Randy Forbes. Forbes has run unopposed and held his seat since 2001. Elliott Fausz seeks “21st Century Leadership built on accountability, integrity, and prosperity” and promises this to his constituents. Elliott Fausz plans to build a better economic infrastructure with business growth and diversity. He seeks a stronger workforce and supports student loan relief. The 4th District needs new leadership that supports equality for all Virginians.

Elliott Fausz is alum of Virginia Commonwealth University. He recently married Lyndsay, a probation officer in Richmond, Virginia. He runs day to day operations for his family’s newspaper, “The Village News.” This local paper reports activities and news in Chesterfield, Virginia. His 17 year involvement with the newspaper has kept him close to the community, serving its needs. He hopes to continue his service as the new leader of the 4th Congressional District.

Fausz has been endorsed by the LGBT Democrats of Virginia, as well as prominent Democrats as Congressman Bobby Scott, Senator Mark Warner and Lt. Governor Ralph Northam. In a recent poll, Fausz was tied with Randy Forbes. The elections last year proved how important EVERY VOTE is; if you are in the 4th Congressional District and want a Congressman that will listen and work for your community, get out and VOTE on November 4.

In endorsing Fausz, Northam said “Elliott Fausz is committed to serving the public. I endorse him without reservation. As a small business manager, he understands that small business is the engine of our economy. As a leader in his community, he has led efforts to energize residents, organizations, and officials to pursue causes for the greater good. Elliott has the experience, passion, and insight necessary to advocate tirelessly for Virginia in Congress.” For more information about Fausz, see his website: