Aug 3, 2016

The Convention Is Over – Now We Go To WORK!

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We must help get Hillary Clinton and Tim Kaine to victory in November!

To volunteer for the Clinton/Kaine campaign in your area go to

Every weekend after the convention is now a weekend of action all across Virginia!

To volunteer for the Clinton/Kaine campaign in your area go to

The Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia totally captured why I am a Democrat.  Everything I hold near and dear was embraced by every speaker that came to the podium.  As Vice Chair for Elections for the LGBT Democrats of Virginia I need LGBT folks, family and friends to get to campaigns and get to work.

My job, and my charge from our LGBT Democrats of Virginia Chair, Maggie Sacra, is to connect you to local campaigns to help elect Hillary and Tim and other Democrats all across the Commonwealth of Virginia.  Go to for more information.

The very best way to get connected to local campaigns, congressional campaigns and Hillary/Kaine efforts in your area is through the Democratic Party of Virginia (DPVA) website.

Through the website you can find your local party organizations and get connected to the DPVA Coordinated Campaign Staff in your area.    The DPVA has hired hundreds of energetic and highly trained Regional Coordinators and Field Directors to bring a victory to the Commonwealth of Virginia in November.

I have been working on Tim Kaine campaigns ever since he ran for lieutenant governor back in 2001.   Tim Kaine is an awesome candidate for Vice President and everyone should know.  I have been a grassroots activist since May 2007, when I started knocking on doors canvassing for Barack Obama.  The biggest volunteer need is for door to door canvassers.   So I ask that you please break out and try canvassing.  We talk to good Democrats, who we want to make sure come out and vote in November.

The Coordinated Campaign also needs volunteers to make phone calls to recruit volunteers who will do canvassing and voter registrations.  If you would like to make calls and talk to your neighbors about our great candidates and why they should get involved, you can volunteer at:

The LGBT Democrats of Virginia needs your help in making sure that Hillary Clinton and Tim Kaine are elected in November.  We also are focusing on Congressional Campaigns across the Commonwealth to elect more Democrats to Congress.

The Democratic Party has delivered for us and as LGBT citizens, friends and families we need to deliver for the Democratic Party.  Making phone calls and canvassing is a great way to get involved!

I would like to be a resource for you.  Please contact me directly at [email protected] or ring me at 703-835-6614 if you have any questions about anything we need to do.

You can also get involved at Prides, the State Fair of Virginia, and other outreach efforts for the LGBT Democrats of Virginia.  We have a great time registering voters, talking about our great candidates, and handing out information about the LGBT Democrats of Virginia.  Join us at one of the following events!  It is simple, just email [email protected] for more information.

VCU SOVO Fair – 8/26/16

Roanoke Pride – 9/10-11/16

Charlottesville Pride – 9/17/16

State Fair of Virginia – 9/23/16 – 10/2/16

VA Pride – 9/24/16

NOVA Pride – 10/1/16


We need you!  There is a lot of work to do to elect Democrats up and down the ballot.  You can help today by becoming a member or making a donation.  Join the LGBT Democrats of Virginia at: