Aug 21, 2018

Endorsed Candidates 2 : Vangie Williams Supporter of Equal Rights

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?With more than 30 years of real-world work experience and a background in strategic planning, Lavangelene (Vangie) Williams wants to bring a fresh perspective to Washington. As she’s said of her background, “I solve problems,” and she hopes to do exactly that if elected to represent Virginia’s 1st Congressional district. But because her work background is for a government contractor as a Strategic Planner/Senior Project Control Principal, she also understands how government works and will be able to get right to work.

A strong supporter of equal rights for LGBTQ Americans as well as women and people of color, Vangie Williams supports a Universal Equal Rights Amendment that would safeguard the rights of all people in this country.

She supports common sense immigration reform that will treat all immigrants with dignity and respect, and strongly supports preserving the DACA program.

Williams is also a strongly pro-choice candidate who supports reproductive freedom and access to affordable contraception, as well as, protections for women from workplace discrimination.

Vangie Williams would make history as the first African-American woman to represent Virginia in Congress, and the LGBTQ Democrats fully endorse her to do just that!

Vangie lives in King George, Virginia with her husband and six children.

Find out more about Vangie at

The LGBT Democrats of Virginia and the Westmoreland Democratic Committee are joining forces to have a cookout and potluck to raise money for Vangie’s campaign.  Please join us on Saturday, September 1st in Colonial Beach for this great poolside event. To find out more and purchase your ticket, please go to