Oct 24, 2018


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A key objective of the LGBT Democrats of Virginia has always been to support LGBT+ and LGBT+ friendly candidates. This year is no different. As always we have gathered questionnaires and reviewed answers, as well as looked at past work. This year, as always, we received some incredibly thoughtful answers from candidates that really care about the LGBT+ community. What stands out this year is the importance of those answers and these candidates.

This election, as none before in my lifetime, is fundamental battle for our society. It is between those that support a racist, sexist, homophobic, protectionist, and nationalistic agenda, and those that support a truly democratic society. A society where all people are treated equally, where working people are truly appreciated and protected, and where those of us that are challenged physically, emotionally, economically, and in a myriad of other ways are protected and given a chance to grow and thrive. The importance of this election cannot be more apparent, and frankly the outcome could be a disaster or a firewall against oppression. Your vote this year is gravely important!

Our Board is proud to endorse a list of candidates that has already stood up and been counted as champions for LGBT+ rights in office and out. Some have votes in local government, the state legislature, or federally that show their support for our community. Some have worked in their community and shown through deeds that they support the LGBT+ community. Their body of work and their answers to our questions has led us to support them, and we hope that you will also support them on Election Day.

Position – Name – Website
U. S. Senate – Tim Kaine – https://www.kaine.senate.gov/

U. S. Congress – 1st District – Vangie Williams – https://vangieforcongress.com/

U. S. Congress – 2nd District – Elaine Luria – https://elaineforcongress.com/

U. S. Congress – 3rd District – Bobby Scott – http://bobbyscottforcongress.com/

U. S. Congress – 4th District – Donald McEachin – https://www.donaldmceachin.com/

U. S. Congress – 5th District – Leslie Cockburn – https://www.lesliecockburnforcongress.com/

U. S. Congress – 6th District – Jennifer Lewis – https://jenniferlewisforcongress.com/

U. S. Congress – 7th District – Abigail Spanberger – https://abigailspanberger.com/

U. S. Congress – 8th District – Don Beyer – http://friendsofdonbeyer.com/

U. S. Congress – 9th District – Anthony Flaccavento – https://www.flacc4congress.com/

U. S. Congress – 10th District – Jennifer Wexton – https://jenniferwexton.com/

U. S. Congress – 11th District – Gerry Connolly – https://gerryconnolly.com/

Virginia House of Delegates – Carter Turner – https://www.carterturnerfordelegate.com/

Arlington County Board – Matt de Ferranti – https://mattforcountyboard.com/

Arlington County School Board – Barbara Kanninen – https://www.bk2018.org

Virginia Beach City Council – Allison White – https://www.allisonwhitevb.com

We are excited to have had fundraisers for several of our endorsed candidates already and have raised more than $15,000. We’ve knocked thousands of doors and plan to knock more in the coming days. Please look for our upcoming events for a door knocking opportunity, or to support a candidate with a “Giving Blitz”. Our first “Giving Blitz” events are for Anthony Flaccavento in the 9th District and Jennifer Lewis in the 6th District. Please go to https://secure.ngpvan.com/ED_J941lkkOf9K7aC3boYQ2 and support Anthony in his attempt to take back the 9th District! If you would like to give to Jennifer, please go to https://secure.actblue.com/donate/lewisblitz. Help her take back the 6th District!

Note: We only consider those for endorsement that we have previously endorsed, or that have completed our questionnaire this year. If a candidate in your area does not appear on the list, please do not discount them. Go to their campaign and find out what they stand for, and ask them questions about the LGBT+ community and how they will vote on key issues important in your area. Our endorsement list is limited, but your actions, work, assistance, and vote for LGBT+ friendly candidates should not be. Thanks!