Jun 6, 2020

Get Involved – We Are Working Now for Democrats!

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Maggie Sacra, our Chairperson, provided you some updates about our plans for the November election earlier, now I want to update you with some additional information.

Get Involved Here in Virginia

Campaigns around the Commonwealth need your help.  You can get involved directly with Senator Mark Warner’s campaign or one of our many Democratic candidates for the U.S. House of Representatives.  Here are just a few so you can get started today and make phone calls, write post cards, or help in other ways that the campaigns need you!  Don’t wait!  Get started now!  November is just around the corner.

Also, be sure to connect with the Democratic Party of Virginia and your local Democratic Committee by going to vademocrats.org.  This site link gets you straight to the Democratic Party of Virginia site where you can find links to all the local Democratic Committee sites.

As Maggie mentioned before, be sure your Virginia voter registration is current and aligned with your current address.   Please be sure to reach out to all family and friends and make sure they know how important it is to have a current voter registration on file.   Encourage absentee voting by mail this year.  To register or check your registration you can go to the Virginia Department of Election site at vote.elections.virginia.gov.

Get Involved in Battlegrounds Across the Country

Even though our races here in Virginia are super important so that we maintain our current Senate seat and hold on and add to our current seven U.S. House of Representatives seats, you can also get involved with races around the country to make sure that we take back the Senate and hold the House.  On May 28, 2020, President Barack Obama stated –

If you believe in a more just, more generous, more democratic America, now is the time to fight for it.  Here’s a terrific way to register voters, organize communities, and ramp up turnout in the battleground states that will decide this election:  votesaveamerica.com/adopt

This site connects you with VoteSaveAmerica which allows you to adopt a battleground state and work for Democrats across the country.

Remember!  We Are Validators! 

What we say to family and friends is very important. Family and friends need to hear us talk about core Democratic principles because it helps them make good voting decisions.   Talk about why it is important to elect candidates that support a fair wage, want to protect the environment, care about healthcare for all citizens, support equality, and a host of other issues important to all fair-minded Americans.

Be bold as never before!!!

Contribute some money!

Put a Joe Biden bumper sticker on your vehicle!

Volunteer at joebiden.com

Put a bumper sticker on your vehicle for Virginia Democrats!

Volunteer for your local candidates!   

Make a commitment!

Do at least one thing every day to validate how important it is to vote!

Best wishes and many thanks for all you do and will do.