Apr 18, 2022

How to help Ukraine

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The LGBT Democrats of Virginia are very concerned about the war in Ukraine, as Russia has been invading the country for over a month. This is a humanitarian disaster that the Board takes very seriously, and as a result we want to offer suggestions on how to help Ukraine.

There are some easy ways to donate to Ukraine. Here are some established and multinational charity organizations that can be safely relied upon for donations:


UNICEF USA offers medical services to those in need (refugees fleeing from the Ukrainian border).

Medecins Sans Frontiere

MSF is a long established organization that provides medical relief to those in need, particularly during crises and wartime. MSF is established at the Polish border right now, helping those in need.

Red Cross

The Red Cross is a well-respected organization that also offers medical services and medical relief to those who are wounded, hungry, thirsty, or sick.

World Central Kitchen

World Central Kitchen has donated approximately 300,000 daily meals to Ukrainians in need. They bring healthy, rich food to refugees and those in wartime crises.

Here are some more local Ukrainian organizations you can donate to that are either directly engaged on the ground or are helping Ukrainian communities in a hands-on, peer to peer way:

Razom for Ukraine

Razom is a Ukrainian-run nonprofit that is based in New York City. Their staff and team of volunteers are almost all Ukrainian people.