Mar 13, 2017

LGBT Democrats of Virginia are you ready?

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LGBT Democrats of Virginia Fight Back

We need to bring real change to all levels of government across the country if we are going to fight back against the agenda of President Trump and his minions. We need strong Democrats at every level that will fight for a truly diverse society where all are equal and treated with respect. LGBT Democrats of Virginia is committed to electing Democrats!

To do all we can, we are working with the Democratic Party of Virginia and the Democratic National Committee to help elect Democrats in two special elections being held April 18th. We want to spread the word about these two big special elections and want to ask you to get involved today to help both of these great candidates. Below is information provided to us by the Democratic Party of Virginia Vice Chair for Outreach, Steve Baker:

The first race is the 6th district Georgia Congressional race where Jon Ossoff is the leading Democratic candidate running against 11 Republicans in a blanket primary where all candidates run in one race. If no candidate receives a majority, the top candidate from each Party will meet in a June run-off. Here are a couple good articles from the NY Times and LA Times. The winner will fill the seat previously held by Tom Price (Trump’s HHS Secretary) and before that, Newt Gingrich.

The second race is Jacqueline Smith, a Prince William attorney who is running for Clerk of the Court in Prince William County, Manassas; Parkand Manassas. The former Clerk, Michele McQuigg, a Republican, tragically and suddenly died in February. She had held the job since 2008. Smith ran against her in 2015 and narrowly lost in a low turnout election. Smith will be squaring off against Jackson Miller, a current Republican member of the Virginia House of Delegates and one of our targeted Districts in the General Election. Yes, you read that right. One of the people we need to beat in November is running for a second office that will be decided in an April 18 Special Election. He has plenty of money but we have the motivation and passion and we need to take him down in April. Here are a few background articles on the race from Inside NOVA, Prince William Times and Daily Kos.

In Northern Virginia the Phone bank events can be found on the Arlington Democrats website calendar or FB Page but if you wish to attend one of our events at ACDC Headquarters, (just one short block from the Crystal City Metro), please RSVP here. We will send additional info to respondents about parking and building access in advance of the event. Please be prepared to bring a laptop or tablet and cell phone as our space is limited. If you are new to phone banking, it may be helpful to work with the group on your first couple nights.

One of our most effective tools in the fight is direct voter contact, speaking to voters and turning them out to vote for our Democratic candidates!

So here we go – let’s do this! LGBT Democrats of Virginia can help Deliver the Vote Again!

If you are in Northern Virginia we will be using the Arlington Democrats office for phone banks. So again, please RSVP here for the group phone banks. Volunteers will also have the opportunity to make calls from home and the link will be provided as soon as it is available, just let us know that you would like to call from home by contacting Charley Conrad.

We also would appreciate it if you would keep track of the number of calls you make and submit a report of your volunteer efforts on our website at We compile statistics of our efforts, and report our numbers to the Democratic Party of Virginia.

Thank you so much for your help with this important effort. As always we appreciate your help on the ground as well as your fiscal support. Please consider making a contribution to LGBT Democrats of Virginia today.

Thanks again! We always make a difference when we work hard!

Charley Conrad
Vice Chair for Elections
[email protected]