Mar 7, 2023

New Chairperson and Executive Board Elected for LGBT Democrats of Virginia

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Joel McDonald

LGBT Democrats of Virginia elected its next Executive Board.

As described in our bylaws, every odd-numbered year, members of LGBT Democrats of Virginia, the official LGBT caucus of the Democratic Party of Virginia, have the opportunity to run and vote in elections for members of the organization’s Executive Board. All caucus members in good standing, having paid their annual dues by December 31st, 2022, were eligible to participate in the 2023 election of officers. Those seeking election had until February 15th to file to run for office.

With the filing deadline passed and there not being any contested races, no ballots will be sent, and all candidates who filed are now duly elected members of the Executive Board for LGBT Democrats of Virginia.

Of note, Maggie Sacra, the caucus chairperson for over a decade, opted not to run for re-election to this office. Instead, she will remain on the board as the Immediate Past Chairperson and also serve as Assistant Treasurer. Longtime board member Joel McDonald, who has served as Vice Chair for Technology and Communications and the Vice Chair for Technology, will serve as Chairperson.

New Executive Board of LGBT Democrats of Virginia

Joel McDonald, Chairperson
Donald Davenport, Vice-Chair for Outreach
James Lewis, Vice-Chair for Communications
Deanna Bayer, Vice Chair for Candidate Endorsement
Chuck Unger, Secretary
Cindy Bray, Treasurer
Maggie Sacra, Immediate Past Chairperson
Charley Conrad, At-Large
Crystal Suber, At-Large
Nicholas Benton, At-Large
John Whitley, At-Large
Isaac Amend, At-Large
Caryl Quinn, At-Large
Brian Reach, At-Large
Bob Martin, At-Large

More information on the Executive Board.

Current Vacancies

The Executive Board can fill the following offices to serve for the current term. If you are interested in serving, please email Joel McDonald at [email protected].

Vice-Chair for Membership
Vice-Chair for Technology
Vice-Chair for Development
Vice-Chair for Elections

Outgoing Board Members

With deep appreciation for their service, we recognize the following going board members.

Abbie Easter
Tyler Begley
A.C. Tierney