Mar 20, 2014

Thank You for Supporting Equality!

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On behalf of the LGBT Democrats of Virginia, I want to personally thank you for standing up for equality, especially over the past few weeks.  About 1,000 folks joined us by signing our petition in support of marriage equality, including almost 100 Central Committee members!  Your voices amplified our voice and as a result we were heard and listened to by Mayor Jones and others.

When we met with Mayor Jones on March 10th for 1½ hours, we did not expect him to proclaim his full evolution or support for marriage equality. While we hoped for understanding, we also hoped Mayor Jones would agree to recognize and support our Party’s State and National Platforms, as well as the Marriage Equality Resolution we penned and which passed unanimously during the 2012 State Convention.  Mayor Jones agreed.  He also expressed a willingness to continue our dialogue and work with religious leaders who already embrace marriage equality.

Our position remains the same:  we cannot support candidates that do not support marriage equality.   However, as LGBT Democrats, we look forward to working with and helping candidates move towards acceptance of full equality for all Virginians.  We hope that we can help facilitate this evolution for Mayor Jones and others.

Your support for equality and the core values of the Democratic Party of Virginia make us a stronger party.  The LGBT Democrats of Virginia are forever dedicated to voicing support for full equality and pro-equality candidates.

Thank you!