Blakely Lockhart

Born and raised right here in the 56th District, Blakely Lockhart is honored to be running to represent her community and to be the first member of Generation Z in the House of Delegates. Her generation truly understands the urgency of now and she is ready to take direct action to solve the problems that are facing our Commonwealth. Blakely could not stand by as the needs of her district were being ignored and action was not being taken. When the pandemic was at its peak, Blakely saw loved ones facing the same struggles that she had all her life as an individual with a chronic illness. Many people that Blakely cared about were unable to receive proper medical care, fearing the consequences of unpaid time off, and left vulnerable in the face of the unknown. In those moments, our district needed an advocate fighting for them in Richmond. However, what they got was a Delegate prioritizing higher office. Blakely Lockhart is not running for the sake of her own pride, she is running for the people of her district, regardless of party or affiliation. Her goal is to serve the people, not serve the party.