Caitlin Coakley

Caitlin Coakley first experienced politics as a reporter for a weekly newspaper. She became a staple of committee hearings, floor sessions, commission meetings, and all the other places where changes are made. The experience taught her firsthand what good governance looks like, as well as how political mudslinging – or worse, complacency – could derail it.

After several years as a writer and activist, Caitlin took to the streets in the Summer of 2020 to demand better from elected officials when it came to Covid-19 response, public safety, and education. An activist and organizer, she held fundraising and supply drives, planned actions, and started conversations in her community about a better model of government to serve the people.

Now, she’s taking her ideas directly to the people. Caitlin believes in support for working families, access to essential government services, and a government by the people, for the people. She isn’t afraid to fight the hard battles to make sure that she is representing the voices of everyone in Chesterfield, Powhatan, Goochland and beyond.

More than anything else, Caitlin believes in the power of community to create a more equitable Virginia for all people. She knows that when we unite, we can change the future.