Eric Butterworth

Eric Butterworth is running for Delegate in the 54th district of Virginia. Born in Southern California Eric was the first in his family to graduate High School and the second one in his family to dedicate themselves to service after his ancestor, Abraham, served in Lincoln’s Union Army during the Civil War shortly after immigrating to the United States. After graduating High School Eric enlist in the United States Navy. After completing Basic Training, he was assigned to Naval Mobile Construction Battalion 3. He completed tours to Spain, Guam, and on 9/11 was readying to deploy to Europe that very day when the terrorist attacks occurred. Eric later served in Bahrain, then became a weapons and tactics instructor teaching and preparing thousands of military personnel who were due to deploy to Iraq and Afghanistan. After his instructor duties were completed, he applied and was selected to serve in the State Departments Naval Support Unit serving on highly sensitive missions around the globe. After 11 years of honorable service to his country, Eric separated from the military and served a 3 year stint with USAID’s Overseas Security Branch where he again traveled the world ensuring the safety and security of American Diplomats serving abroad. Eric currently works in Washington DC for a private company.

Eric moved to Virginia in 2007 and started attending college at Harvard University and later at Penn State University studying Political Science an International Relation respectively. Eric has always served his country honorably and feels the need to serve the people of Virginia. He is passionate about social issues, LGBTQ+ rights, healthcare, education, veteran issues, small businesses, and protecting the working-class in Virginia.