Jasmine Gore

In 2019, Ms. Gore was appointed to serve as Mayor for the City of Hopewell. In this capacity, she served as the youngest African-American and female Mayor within the Commonwealth of Virginia. During her tenure, Mayor Gore received municipal grants designed to address social determinates of health, access to opportunity, and social/economic factors. She advocated for the City’s participation in the Governor’s Health Equity Initiative during Covid-19, lead the charge to provide residents with free PPE, programs, and tax relief during the pandemic. Additional accomplishments include the establishment of a youth workforce program, addressing the digital divide, establishing an early childhood task force, championing open government access/software, and spearheading a new Citywide Strategic plan.

Ms. Gore was noted to be the “Next Generation of Government” by the national elected official organization and selected as the Emerging Leader of the Year for a state party within Virginia. She has proven to be both diligent and innovative about addressing the needs of the City of Hopewell. Ms. Gore promotes, advocates, and creates programs and legislation that reflect the citizen-driven goals to move the City of Hopewell forward. Her single greatest achievement in office to date is the successful reinstatement of the City of Hopewell’s Office on Youth and Youth Commission.