Jun 19, 2016

Joint Statement from LGBT Democrats of Virginia and DLOV on Week After Orlando Attack

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One week ago, a man fueled with hatred for LGBT people and easy access to weapons of war terrorized Pulse, an Orlando LGBT nightclub largely patronized by minorities. This tragedy is a reminder of the extreme violence that is all too often aimed at members of these communities across our nation.

Instead of showing sympathy for those grieving and struggling to process the events of last week, presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump chose instead to use the attack in Orlando as an opportunity to congratulate himself, and further his isolationist and racially-charged agenda.

“The rhetoric of the presumptive Republican nominee for President gives license to others to carry out acts of hate, both large and small. It is completely contrary to the type of society most Americans want and are working toward.” Maggie Sacra, chairperson of the LGBT Democrats of Virginia, said. “We must reach out to each other, refusing to let the divisive rhetoric separate us, because the LGBTQ community, the Hispanic and Latino communities, and other communities of color are stronger together,” Marvin Figueroa, DLOV President, added.

We cannot afford another incident of gun violence. We cannot afford another platform of inequality and exclusivity. We stand together because we are stronger together. DLOV, the LGBT Democrats, and our allies will work every day to amplify issues that afflict our nation’s most vulnerable citizens, and in November, we will elect public officials who will work to further our vision for the future.