Sep 11, 2012

Helping the Obama Campaign

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September and October will be hugemonths for the Obama Campaign here in Virginia.  More Obama offices are opening across Virginia since we are a very big battle ground state.  Bottom line is that when the President wins Virginia he has a second term! The Republicans know that too and they are here for a fight.  More of their money is targeted into Virginia, and you will see bad negative commercials all over Virginia.

We have got to get Virginia and we are gonna get Virginia! President Obama has stood up for us and we have got to stand up for President Obama now more and more every day.

State Senator Adam Ebbin kicked off our LGBT Obama Phone Bank on Monday, August 13th.  We host an Obama LGBT Phone Bank every Monday out of the Obama Headquarters in Arlington, but you can make critical calls right from your own home.  Virtual phone banks are all the rage and many volunteers are taking advantage of this technology.  Access to these tools can be found on the Obama Dashboard, and also

Please be sure that you go to  and sign up for the emails, and notifications.  Be sure to indicate your constituency group affiliations.  There is a very big LGBT group nationwide.  You can also search for events in your area where you can plug in to any event.  Don’t wait for an LGBT specific night or event, just go to an event and activate yourself.

If you need any assistance or have any questions please contact me at [email protected], [email protected]  or 703-835-6614.

Thanks for your support!  Charley Conrad, Vice Chair of Elections