Jun 21, 2010

New Board Members of the Caucus

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The votes were counted yesterday for the first election of the LGBT Family and Friends Stonewall Caucus of the Democratic Party of Virginia. Seventy-one percent of eligible votes sent in their ballot in this election, which the Nominating Committee (Abbie Easter, Maggie Sacra, and Joel McDonald) thought was fantastic turnout. Thank you to all who voted, all who were willing to serve, and all who have served! Full election results are available here.

Your new Executive Board is:

Charley Conrad, Chair
Brian Boyce, Executive Vice Chair
Donald Davenport, Vice Chair for Outreach and Membership
Joel McDonald, Vice Chair for Technology and Communication
Skip Kilpatrick, Vice Chair for Development
Sean Holiahn, Vice Chair for Elections
Andre Hakes, Secretary
Maggie Sacra, Treasurer

Roland Winston will also serve as Chair Emeritus.

Thanks again to everyone who voted. The caucus will continue to be a strong advocate for the LGBT community within the Democratic Party of Virginia,