May 24, 2012

The New Leaders of the LGBT Democrats of Virginia Caucus & PAC

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The LGBT Democrats of Virginia is pleased to announce the election of new boards for both the Caucus and PAC All positions had one unopposed candidate, and following the example set in section 8.4 of the Democratic Party of Virginia’s Party Plan, all candidates have been declared elected.

Maggie SacraMaggie Sacra has been elected as Chair of the Caucus. Maggie is a founding member of the Caucus, and has served as Treasurer since 2009. Other elected members of the Caucus board include Brian Boyce, Don Davenport, Joel McDonald, Shaun Broy, Charley Conrad, Charles Unger, Abbi Easter, Robert Martin, Linh Hoang, John Whitley, and Christopher Schaffer. Newly elected members of the Caucus board will take office immediately. Click here to read more about the members of the Caucus Board.

“The newly elected board is a good mixture of experienced officers and new faces,” said Maggie Sacra, newly elected LGBT Democrats of Virginia Caucus Chair. She continued, “I’m excited that the Caucus is attracting new talent who bring with them a wealth of experiences, and who are willing to take the lead and fulfill our mission. The Caucus Board is also more geographically diverse than it has ever been, which I hope will help us reach out to LGBT Democrats throughout the Commonwealth.”

Joel McDonaldJoel McDonald has been elected as President of the PAC. Joel has served as Vice Chair for Technology and Communication for the Caucus since 2009, and has also worked closely with the PAC. The other elected members of the PAC Board are Brad Hodgson, and Tom Osborne. In addition, Tiffany Joslyn will serve on the board as Immediate Past Chair. Maggie Sacra and Atima Omara-Alwala have been appointed as an At-Large members. Additional At-Large appointments will be announced at a later date. The new PAC leadership will take office on July 1st. Click here to read more about the members of the PAC Board.

“Republicans have forced a negative national spotlight on Virginia that I hope will clearly show the need to elect pro-Equality Democrats,” said Joel McDonald, newly elected President of the LGBT Democrats of Virginia PAC. He continued, “With the mission of the PAC being to raise funds to support pro-Equality Democratic candidates, our role has never been more important. I’m confident that the newly elected members of the PAC board, working in partnership with the Caucus, can be a force for electing pro-Equality Democrats and moving Virginia forward on issues of LGBT equality.”