Jul 25, 2013

The Time Is Now . . . Volunteer

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From the desk of Charley Conrad, Vice Chair of Elections:

This year we have a unique ability to elect the most equality minded ticket in the history of Virginia.  When the candidates for Governor, Lt Governor, and Attorney General campaign on LGBT equality we have an obligation to get out on the streets to canvass, and on the phones to call to ensure that all three candidates are elected in November.   Each of the candidates equality statements are on our website.

It is my personal experience that talking to voters at their front doors helps win elections.  It is our obligation to find time to help this ticket get elected. The basic Obama campaign strategy is still in place in Virginia and still working.  The McAuliffe campaign has hired very experienced Obama field organizers to keep working in Virginia. The best way to really help and make a difference is to work through your local Democratic Committee and connecting to the McAuliffe campaign.  We are canvassing every weekend and we are calling every evening.  Plug into events near you at www.terrymcauliffe.com  and let us make “change” happen again in Virginia.

If you have any questions or suggestions please let me know at [email protected]  and my cell is (703) 835 6614.    Thanks for making change happen in Virginia.

Upcoming Events:

On Thursday, August 15th, we will join with the Alexandria Democratic Committee to make canvass recruiting phone calls for John Bell (Candidate – 87th House) between 6pm and 8pm. The address is 618 N Washington Street ground floor #2 in Alexandria.

On Saturday, August 17th, we will join John’s campaign again in a canvass event out of the Coordinated Campaign Headquarters located at 14 Pidgeon Hill Drive, Suite 180, Sterling, VA 20165. Please come and show your support for Democrats in this important election year!