Apr 22, 2011

Virginia Partisan’s Treasurer and Partner Speak Out Against Virginia’s Anti-Gay Adoption Regulations

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Lawrence Webb and Clifton Taylor

Lawrence Webb and Clifton Taylor

Lawrence Webb, Treasurer of Virginia Partisans, and his partner, Clifton Taylor, a member of the Falls Church City Council, are considering moving out of Virginia to adopt a child when they are ready to have children. Despite emotional pleas by gay-rights groups, a state board overwhelmingly voted late Wednesday to continue a practice that some argue allows faith-based organizations in Virginia to discriminate in adoptions.

“It would be a tough decision to make,” said Webb, 36, a Falls Church City Council member and assistant dean of admissions at the University of Mary Washington. “But starting a family would take precedent.”

“It should be all about a child — I don’t believe someone should tell me that I can’t,” Taylor, 31, a government contractor in the District, said.

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