Oct 16, 2013

Last Report Before Election Day

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Charley Conrad, Vice Chair for Elections

Charley Conrad

Charley Conrad, Vice Chair for Elections

This is my last report before the election. I am really proud of how our LGBT folks have contributed significantly to the work of the DPVA, and Statewide Democrats during this election cycle.

We have the most pro equality ticket in the history of Virginia politics and our folks are stepping up to help elect, Terry, Ralph, and Mark. They have showed up for us so we need to show up for them.

In Arlington, Alexandria, Charlottesville, Norfolk, Roanoke and Virginia Beach we are currently averaging 82 hours a week in phone banking time that we know of.

In those same markets we are contributing 32 hours a week canvassing time on weekends that we know of.

We are everywhere in these three campaigns and we know our people are out working every day.

On Monday’s in Arlington we host an LGBT Phone Bank on behalf of the statewide ticket from the McAuliffe Statewide Headquarters. We are using the predictive dialer system to make persuasion calls all across Virginia. We have partnered with the Human Rights Campaign in this Monday night effort and we average 7 hours of call time just Mondays alone. Our people continue on the “dialer” all week and we are averaging 31 hours of call time a week helping with the persuasion calls.

An LGBT Phone Bank in Richmond on Monday’s is very popular. Contact is Cindy Bray at [email protected]

Across the state we have four of our people serving as Neighborhood Team Leaders, and three of our people serving as Field Organizers. There are probably more, but these are the people we know about.

Chuck and Don, two of our members are dedicated outreach volunteers. They have traveled to every Pride event across the Commonwealth promoting the statewide candidates, and doing a massive amount of voter registrations. They have registered over 100 voters so far this election cycle.

Our folks have phone banked and canvassed on behalf of John Bell for House of Delegates, assisted with an Equality Virginia fundraiser in Arlington, supported calling and canvassed for Kathleen Murphy, planning phone banks for an openly gay candidate Jasper Hendricks III, and phoning and fundraising for Atif Qarni who is running for the House of Delegates against

Final stretch:

Field Organizers for the Coordinated Campaign need help between now and election day. We are calling and canvassing and preparing for the big weekend before November 5th.

Check in with your local party and Coordinated Campaign on how you can help.

Thank you for all you do. Ask ten people you personally know to go vote on election day and let’s keep CHANGE growing in Virginia.