Oct 24, 2012

PAC Endorsements for 2012 Elections

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LGBT Democrats of VirginiaVirginia Partisans, the PAC of LGBT Democrats of Virginia, today announced endorsements of 14 incumbents and candidates for federal and local offices in Virginia’s upcoming Nov. 6th general election.  These 14 candidates join five others previously endorsed during the primary season this summer, for a total of 19 endorsements.

“We learned last year that elections have consequences not only for women, but the LGBT community as well,” said Brad Hodgson, PAC President. “With Virginia being a swing state in this year’s presidential election, we play an even more crucial role electing Democrats up and down the ticket. The 19 endorsees are a diverse group of candidates. Many of these candidates have supported the LGBT community consistently over the years, while others display values that the LGBT community and our allies hold dear.”While the majority of the candidates come from Northern Virginia, we have also endorsed candidates from Richmond, Virginia Beach and Abingdon. Included are four candidates for the U.S. House of Representatives, two seeking re-election; and six incumbents and nine challengers for local offices.

The PAC proudly endorses the following candidates running for election to the US House of Representatives this November:

We are also excited to endorse the following candidates seeking election and re-election to such a diverse set of local offices this November:

Endorsement by the PAC requires candidates to complete a rather extensive questionnaire, and then a favorable vote by the PAC Board.  Copies of all submitted questionnaires are posted online at www.lgbtvadem.org/endorsements

“We are expecting to see a high turnout election for the President,” Hodgson concluded. “However, remember that your vote all the way down the ticket is important. Members of the LGBT community should be working right now to get Democratic candidates elected. Whether it is by canvassing, phone banking or making a campaign contribution to one or more of our endorsees.  This is no time for apathy. If you can do nothing else, be sure you and your like-minded friends and family vote on Nov. 6 – and vote Democrat!”