Jun 5, 2013

The LGBT Democrats of Virginia PAC Endorses Terry McAuliffe for Governor

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Terry McAuliffeThe LGBT Democrats of Virginia PAC, formerly the Virginia Partisans, announced that the organization has endorsed Terry McAuliffe for Governor. “We are excited to endorse Terry McAuliffe, and it’s not just because he’s the Democratic nominee,” said Brad Hodgson, PAC President. “Terry has been long been an outspoken advocate for the LGBT community and their families. This election is historic, because for the first time in history one of the major party nominees for governor in a Southern state supports marriage equality for same-sex couples – a position Terry publicly confirmed last February. We are very excited and proud that it is our party’s candidate, right here in Virginia.”

In addition to endorsing Terry McAuliffe now, the LGBT Democrats of Virginia PAC has decided to defer formal endorsements in the Lieutenant Governor and Attorney General races until after the June 11 Democratic primary.  “We have already agreed on an automatic endorsement of whichever candidate wins in either of these races,” Hodgson noted.  “Both Democratic candidates for Lieutenant Governor, Aneesh Chopra and state Sen. Ralph Northam, as well as both Democratic candidates for Attorney General, state Sen. Mark Herring and former Assistant U.S. Attorney Justin Fairfax, are with us on the issues.  Members of the LGBT community and our allies have the luxury of voting on non-LGBT-specific issues in the Democratic primary, because all candidates on the ballot are supporters of LGBT rights.”

“Unfortunately, that will not be the case in the general election,” Hodgson continued. “In November, the stakes for the LGBT community could not be higher, and the contrast between the two parties’ nominees could not be starker.  Up and down the ballot, voters will have an opportunity to vote for Democratic candidates who stand for fairness and equality.  In almost all cases – and certainly for the three statewide races on the ballot – the alternative will be Republican candidates whose records and rhetoric are vitriolic in their attempts to dehumanize us and not only block progress toward equality, but to actually roll back even those rights we have achieved to date. A vote for even a ‘moderate’ Republican for Delegate will ultimately play into the hands of the radical elements within the Republican party that now control the House of Delegates and hope to take over the top three statewide offices as well.  The LGBT community and our allies cannot afford to stand idly by.”

Endorsement by the PAC requires candidates to complete a rather extensive questionnaire, and then obtain a favorable vote by the PAC Board.  Copies of all submitted questionnaires either are, or will soon be, posted online at www.lgbtvadem.org/organization/pac/endorsements/