Jun 10, 2015

Help Elect Democrats!

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The LGBT Democrats of Virginia have identified some critical elections to work for in 2015. We recommend that all our members spend some time working on one or more of the critical elections that we will bring you information on over the coming months. We also hope that you will work for Democrats running in your area for local offices and for the General Assembly.

The first candidate we want to bring to your attention is Don Shaw who is running for a House of Delegates District 13 seat currently held by Bob Marshall. We really don’t have to go into a lot of details on the evils that Bob Marshall have caused for our LGBT community and other constituencies as well. Don is the first candidate endorsed by the LGBT Democrats of Virginia this year and a win by him is vital to curbing the strong right-wing control of the General Assembly. To learn more about Don you can visit his webpage for more information.

Our pride event for Don Shaw will be Saturday, June 13th. Instead of marching in the DC Pride Parade we will be marching through the 13th House of Delegates District knocking on doors for Don Shaw. We will meet Don’s Field Director Andrew Brown at noon at the Panera in the Westgate Shopping Center, 8085 Sudley Road in Manassas.

Signup as a supporter and contribute to Don through his website at http://www.shawfordelegate.com/.

Also, on Sunday June 14th, you may want to take part of the day at DC Pride where we will have a booth, but make sure you leave some time to knock on doors for Dr. Jill McCabe who is running for the State Senate District 13 seat currently held by Dick Black, another foe of our community.

We will meet on Sunday at the McCabe Headquarters located at 42864 Truro Parish Drive, Broadlands, VA 20148. The canvass begins at 1:00 PM and training will be provided. Please come out and help the cause.

Signup as a supporter and contribute to Jill through her website at http://www.drjillmccabe.com/.

We will be adding more information about canvassing and phone bank opportunities in the near future.  Keep checking back for the most up to date volunteer opportunities.

For additional information on volunteering please contact Charley Conrad, Vice Chair for Elections at [email protected] or give him a call at (703) 835-6614.