Candidate Spotlight: John Foust, 10th Congressional District

As the next congressman for Virginia’s 10th District, John will fight to uphold the values of those living in Virginia’s 10th District. He is pleased with the progress our country and the commonwealth are making on marriage equality and supports ending discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation. When hearing the news of the recent decision made by the Supreme Court, John Foust issued the following statement: “Today’s news is a significant step forward towards ending discrimination in Virginia and across the country. The Supreme Court has once again shown that it is willing to stand up for the constitutional rights of all Americans to be protected from unjust and unequal treatment. I commend Attorney General Herring for his leadership in protecting the rights of same-sex couples in Virginia. The fight to end discrimination in Virginia is not over, and we must continue the hard work to ensure that all Virginians have a fair chance.”

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