Sep 3, 2018

A Sparkling Event for Vangie Williams

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On September 1, the LGBT Democrats of Virginia held a fundraiser in Colonial Beach in conjunction with the Westmoreland Democratic Committee. The fundraiser was for Vangie Williams, who is running to defeat Rob Wittman in the 1st Congressional District. Vangie has been a dedicated member of the LGBT Democrats of Virginia for the last couple years and has attended various events we have sponsored, as well as being a volunteer at the State Fair of Virginia booth, which we run each year on behalf of the Democratic Party of Virginia. Vangie has been a strong supporter of LGBT+ equality and the LGBT Democrats of Virginia were very pleased to support her in her effort to represent all the people of the great 1st Congressional District of Virginia.

The event was hosted at the beautiful home of Eric Nelson & Edward Hart around their pool. Looking out of the gate on a wonderful view of the Potomac River, while sitting around the sparkling salt water of their pool was an amazing way to spend the beginning of Labor Day weekend. A wonderful turnout of about fifty folks made the afternoon’s cookout and potluck great fun for everyone that attended. After short introductions from Caryn Self-Sullivan, chairperson of the Westmoreland County Democratic Committee, and Maggie Sacra, chairperson of the LGBT Democrats of Virginia, Vangie spoke passionately about what motivated her to run for Congress, and why she is working hard to represent everyone in the district.

It is clear from listening to her and watching her over these past few years, that she is dedicated to representing everyone in the district, whether they support her or not. I’ve watched Vangie spend hours at the State Fair discussing with attendees what their needs are, and what they need their elected officials to do to represent them better. Vangie is simply not afraid to talk to everyone about their situation, what Democrats can do for them, what she would like to do as their representative, and why they should vote for Democrats. Vangie has made history already by being the first African-American woman chosen by primary to run for Congress in Virginia, and she will make history again when she becomes a Congresswoman, because of her dedication to working for all citizens.

After leaving us, Vangie had what she described as a slow day, heading to Gloucester for an event, before heading back to Port Royal in Caroline County for another event with Senator Tim Kaine. Senator Kaine talked about what sets Democrats and Republicans apart. Democrats work for all their constituents! For example, Democrats care about healthcare for all Americans, and they worked for years to pass the Affordable Care Act, defend it, and in Virginia to expand Medicaid coverage for all citizens. And this was all because they want the best for all citizens. This really brought home the points that Vangie had made earlier in the day and again that evening. She is in the race to win, because she really believes that all citizens deserve representation.

We hope that you will continue to support both Vangie Williams in the 1st Congressional District and Senator Kaine.

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