Donna Price

“Public service is my life….”
And with forty years of community, State, and National Service, Donna Price knows what it means to serve. Donna is a retired Navy Captain who dedicated 25 years of active-duty service to the Judge Advocate General’s Corps, where she served as a prosecutor, defense attorney and criminal trial judge. Donna was responsible for all personnel and medical issues affecting the U.S. Navy before Congress and was commanding officer of the largest legal office in the Department of the Navy.
After retiring from the Navy, Donna engaged in the private practice of law practice helping military service members, government employees, and government contractor employees. She has served in countless leadership roles in the Virginia State Bar, non-profit organizations, local election boards, and the Episcopal Church.
As an active-duty member of the Navy, Donna was stationed all over the United States and completed three overseas tours but settled down in her permanent home in what she describes is a “magical” place in middle of the Scottsville District. Here, she is rebuilding a home that was first constructed in 1754 on property going back to a Colonial Land Grant. In picking Scottsville, she was drawn to the diversity of the district, from the suburban development in the north to the wineries, historic estates and farms throughout, and to the Town of Scottsville and the James River in the south.
Through her own personal and professional life experience Donna understands the value of each community member, especially in such a diverse district, and she believes that the Scottsville District will be strengthened when every voice is heard and everyone has a role in strengthening and serving our community “hand-in-hand” and “arm-in arm.” Donna has been active in lobbying for equal protection under the law in support of the NAACP, Women’s Rights, and Environmental Protections, among other progressive causes, ensuring the rights of all.
Donna invites and welcomes your personal involvement and commitment to a better future for everyone in the Scottsville Magisterial District; no ifs, ands, or buts…