Randall Wolf

Randall Wolf lives in Stuarts Draft, Virginia after a long career as a journalist at large and small newspapers on the east coast. Randall ran for Delegate in 2021 and increased the Democratic vote 19 percent.
The skills he used as a community journalist are a great match for running for Delegate. Listening to people, asking questions and using facts to understand the issues are critical in both endeavors. He runs a nonprofit bike shop in Waynesboro that repairs donated bikes and provides them to people at low or no cost. This work puts him in touch with at-risk children and many unsheltered people who need bikes as transportation. This work helps him understand their real-world needs.
His life-experiences have taught him that the impact on people is key to decision making. That the function of government is to build a secure system for people to succeed.
Randall accepts people for who they are today and does not reject them based on centuries old thinking. He is an ally for people whose lifestyles and life experiences are different from yours.
He believes that the power of diversity and rejects the damage division causes. He will be your ally.
We the People…America was founded on personal freedoms that became our Bill of Rights. I simply accept people for who they are and will be their ally for the life they seek.
Personal freedoms are critical to a free society. We must accept people for who they are and empower them to achieve their goals. Putting people first is critical to developing a pathway for the future.