Jun 13, 2019

Happy Pride!

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Each June, our community comes together to celebrate our authentic selves, our families, our past, our future and everything that makes our community great.

While Pride is celebrated with parades and festivals, we have to remember that it didn’t start this way. It was a protest; a roar demanding our rights.

We’ve come along way since Marsha P. Johnson threw her brick. We can now marry the person we love – but we still have a long way to go. In most states, including Virginia, you can get married on Saturday and fired on Monday.

That’s not right and we’re working to change it by electing candidates, at the local, state and federal levels who will stand up for us, our families and our communities. Fundamentally, this is our mission and we’re proud to have you standing with us in this fight.

As with any organization, we exist for and because of our amazing members, like you – from Alexandria to Big Stone Gap. We are only strong because of you, we can only do this work because of your investments and we only succeed with your help.

This Pride, please consider joining or renewing your membership in the LGBT+ Democrats of Virginia. Together, we can ensure our rights for Prides and generations to come.

Luke Priddy,
Vice Chair for MembershipPS – We understand that dues can create a barrier for many people. If you are facing financial hardship, we have programs that allow you to be an active member. Please email me to chat about how we can help.