Aug 31, 2012

Join the LGBT Americans for Obama Dashboard

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Obama PrideHere’s a great new way to stay in the loop about everything that’s happening out there:¬†Join the LGBT Americans for Obama group on Dashboard.

When you log into Dashboard, you can see all the different ways you can help grow the Obama campaign now — whether that’s by joining an event near you, organizing one of your own, making some calls using the online call tool, or getting into a discussion with other supporters about the election news of the day. The LGBT Americans for Obama group will be the place to find out where LGBT people are gathering near you, and to be in the know about the work we’re doing around LGBT issues in this election.

With just a couple of clicks, you can help move us closer to victory in the fall.

It only takes a couple minutes to join Dashboard if you’re not already a member — and as our organizing heats up even more, it’s going to keep you connected to other volunteers and to this campaign like nothing else.

So become a member of the new LGBT Americans for Obama group on Dashboard today: