Sep 6, 2012

National Day of Action

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I am sure you are as excited as I have been about what we are seeing at our National Convention. The diversity is incredible, and the energy is enough to keep us walking and knocking on doors from now until November 6th.

This weekend will be a National Day of Action to follow up on the Convention and hit the ground running. The focus is on canvassing and phone banking all across America on Saturday and Sunday.

Our supporters are meeting up for a huge weekend of action. At events all across battle ground Virginia, we’ll reach out to voters, talk about what’s at stake in the election, and make sure everyone’s prepared to vote.

We got to get Virginia – We are gonna get Virginia!

Help us win Virginia for President Obama.

There’s a good chance there’s an event near you — find out here: 

– Charley Conrad
Caucus Vice Chair for Elections
LGBT Democrats of Virginia