Jan 31, 2011

LGBT Democrats of Virginia Retreat and Special Election

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The following is from Charley Conrad, Chair of the LGBT Caucus.

On Saturday January 29th the leadership of the LGBT Caucus Board of the Democratic Party of Virginia and the Board members of the Virginia Partisans PAC met to formally join the membership of our two organizations, and chart out how we will work together under the banner of LGBT Democrats of Virginia.  I want to report to our members that our retreat was very successful.  The retreat was held in Richmond at the Gay Community Center and was designed to plan for 2011 and make sure we have a strong and influential voice for LGBT Democrats here in Virginia.

I also want you all to know that the state of our organization is strong, united, and working with one voice.  It has taken ten years to get an official LGBT Caucus within the Democratic Party of Virginia and also to gain a seat on the Steering Committee of the Democratic Party of Virginia.  I am pleased with this accomplishment and grateful to all the people who have worked so hard to get us to this point.

My sincere congratulations go to the leadership.  Now that we have achieved this significant milestone internally and within the Democratic Party of Virginia it is my intention to step down as the Chair of the LGBT Caucus.  I am not leaving the Caucus but want to work on grassroots organizing for the LGBT Caucus.  That is my passion and I want to help activate more LGBT folks in Virginia to engage in local Democratic Committees and be part of the voices for change in Virginia.

In accordance with our By Laws a special election is required when replacing the Chair.  Therefore we have formed a nominating committee to find my replacement.  I will officially resign at the conclusion of the special election.  The nominating committee will be contacting the membership within the week to start this process.  My thanks to you all for your dedication and support over the years, and the work goes on the cause endures, the hope still lives and the dream shall never die.