Feb 7, 2011

Special Election for LGBT Caucus Chair

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A special election has been called to fill a vacancy in the office of Chair of the LGBT Caucus of the Democratic Committee. The Nominating Committee, as appointed by Chair, Charley Conrad, as specified by the By-Laws, has met and created procedures for the election within the structure determined by the By-Laws. The procedures are spelled out in this memo, followed by a timeline for your convenience.

For those interested in serving on the Board as an officer:

  • Any interested member in good standing of the Caucus may file to be a candidate online in the special election to fill the vacancy for the office of Chair of the LGBT Caucus of the Democratic Party of Virginia. The deadline for filing is March 4, 2011, at 5:00 pm. Not late filings will be accepted.
  • Candidates may send text up to 200 words and 1 picture of yourself if desired to Joel McDonald by March 14, 2011, to be sent out to membership and be posted to the website.
  • Any individual who campaigns for his or herself or any other candidate outside the aforementioned rule will forfeit his or her place on the ballot. Please do not disturb members with calls or emails.

By March 21st, 2011, members in good standing will receive a link to ballots via email with the names of all those listed who have filed properly and in a timely manner. Ballots will also posted to the website. Please note the following procedures for voting:

  • Please only vote for one individual for each office. If more than one vote is shown for any office, those votes will not be counted.
  • No write-ins will be accepted.
  • To deliver your votes, please fill out the ID form included with the ballot. You may, if you wish, seal the ballot with tape or staple (just ensuring that when it is opened, the votes will still be legible).
  • Please place both the ID sheet and the ballot into an envelope.
  • Make sure you put your name and return address on the envelope. These procedures are in place to ensure one to one correspondence between ballots received and members.
  • Please send (or hand deliver) the envelope to:

Abbi Easter
2611 Cherrytree Lane
Richmond, VA 23235-2925

When envelopes are received, the ballot will be removed from the envelope and immediately placed in a sealed box without being opened. The ID form and the envelope return address will be checked against a membership list and the individual’s name will be marked. This way, the secrecy of the ballot is maintained, but we can also keep track to ensure each vote is only counted once.

  • Ballots must be received in hand by 5 pm on April 4, 2011. Postmarks are NOT acceptable.

The Nominating committee will meet on April 9, 2011, to count the ballots. The results will be given to Charley Conrad, Chair, and emailed to the membership the next day. The new Chair will assume his or her duties immediately.

Please feel free to direct any questions to any member of the Nominating Committee:

Abbi Easter [email protected]

Joel McDonald [email protected]

Maggie Sacra [email protected]

Brian Cook [email protected]

Click here for a time line showing important dates for this election process.