Aug 18, 2020

ACTION ALERT For LGBT+ Democrats of Virginia

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Knowledge for all of us is vitally important.  We all need to stay informed!

After the convention we are going to have some serious initiatives to start working on immediately.  These will all be done virtually so you will need to be connected to know what is happening and when you can help.

The Joe Biden campaign will meld into the organizational structure already in place within the Democratic Party of Virginia and your local democratic party.   It is important that all three of these organizations have your information.  This statewide coordinated effort eliminates any duplication of effort‘s and allows us to have one voice, one mission, and one goal across the Commonwealth of Virginia.

If you have not done so already please be sure that you go to the websites shown below and sign up.  These sites will provide you all the information about get out the vote efforts being conducted in your area.  So please today right now do the following:

1)  Go to    sign up in  “Join the Team” and also sign up in  “Contact an Organizer”. Then explore the website and especially familiarize yourself with the “Action Center”.

2) Go to the Democratic Party of Virginia website,, and sign up for their alerts and volunteer opportunities.

3) Once inside the Democratic Party of Virginia website be sure to sign up with your local Democratic Party in your city or county.

Also remember to follow us on Facebook and Instragram, and look for updates on our website for more information on specific LGBT+ Democrats of Virginia phone banking events.

If you have any questions please contact Charley Conrad, our Vice Chair for Elections, at [email protected].