Aug 18, 2020

All Elections Matter! This Year Matters More Than Any Other!

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There are so many ways that your help is needed this year.   Unfortunately, a pandemic has made it dangerous for most person-to-person contact.  We understand that everything has changed, and your health is of the utmost importance.    Most years we are in the streets, parks, and various other venues around the Commonwealth registering voters, educating voters about candidates, and talking about planning to vote.  This year we have not been able to attend any traditional events around the Commonwealth to do any of these things!  That is why WE NEED YOU!


Register Voters

Voter registration is down 40% this year in Virginia!  We don’t want to miss one available voter, so we need you to reach out to friends, their children, acquaintances, co-workers, civic groups, and others to register voters.  We also need you to discuss with others the importance of checking their voter registration and updating it if necessary.  If you would like to find out more about registering voters and having registration drives go to  If you would like to refer someone to the Virginia Department of Elections site to register or check their registration, please send them to


Educate Voters

We have a variety of events that the LGBT+ Democrats are doing to reach out to voters.  They include call times every week to educate voters on what Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, Mark Warner, and our Congressional candidates across the Commonwealth are doing and why they should support them.  You can go to our website at or visit our Facebook or Instagram pages for more information.


Vote Early

We don’t know how the Coronavirus, Trump’s plan to delay mail delivery, or other issues may impact us between now and the election.  Plan to vote now!

If you or someone you know plans to vote by mail, you can request a ballot NOW by going to the VA State Board of Elections website at  Ballots will begin being mailed out in September.  As soon as you receive the ballot you should complete it and return it.  Don’t Wait!  There will be a way to track the ballot just as you would a package.

If you would rather vote in person, you can do so as early as September 18th.  To find out more about early voting in-person go to


Don’t let yourself or someone you know miss this election!  Every vote counts!  As Michelle Obama said in her speech at the Democratic National Convention, we lost a key state in 2016 by an average of 2 votes a precinct.  Help us make sure that Biden/Harris, Warner, and all our great Democratic Congressional nominees are elected!  This election is too important!