LGBT Democrats of Virginia PAC Endorse 30 for House of Delegates

June 9, 2013

Today, the LGBT Democrats of Virginia PAC, formerly the Virginia Partisans, announced their endorsement of 30 incumbents and candidates for the Virginia House of Delegates in the upcoming general election on November 5th. These 30 candidates join Terry McAuliffe, for Governor; Sen. Ralph Northam, for Lieutenant Governor; and Sen. Mark Herring, for Attorney General as candidates endorsed by the LGBT Democrats of Virginia PAC.

“At such a critical time in our history, it is important for us to have the right representatives in the House of Delegates to help the Governor, Lieutenant Governor, and Attorney General make Virginia a better place for LGBT citizens,” said Brad Hodgson, President. “While the United States Supreme Court’s decision to overturn the so-called Defense of Marriage Act and California’s Proposition 8 are still fresh on everyone’s mind, Virginians must realize that we still have a long way to go to ensure equality for the Commonwealth’s LGBT citizens. The candidates we are endorsing today are the candidates who are standing up for our rights in Virginia.”

The LGBT Democrats of Virginia PAC, proudly endorse the following incumbents running for re-election to the Virginia House of Delegates this November:

Delegate David Bulova (37th)
Delegate Kaye Kory (38th)
Delegate Vivian Watts (39th)
Delegate Eileen Filler-Corn (41st)
Delegate Mark Sickles (43rd)
Delegate Rob Krupicka (45th)
Delegate Patrick Hope (47th)
Delegate Alfonso Lopez (49th)
Delegate Jennifer McClellan (79th)

We are also excited to endorse the following candidates seeking election to the Virginia House of Delegates this November:

Mike Futrell (2nd)
Monte Johnson (10th)
James Harder (12th)
Gary Miller (14th)
Susan Hippen (21st)
Traci Dippert (30th)
Kathleen Murphy (34th)
Jerrold Foltz (40th)
Ed Deitsch (42nd)
Richard Cabellos (50th)
Reed Heddleston (51st)
Marcus Simon (53rd)
Toni Radler (55th)
Jasper Hendricks (60th)
William Quarles (65th)
Linda Bryant (78th)
William Fleming (82nd)
Brent McKenzie (84th)
Jennifer Boysko (86th)
John Bell (87th)
Monty Mason (93rd)

“We can’t afford a repeat of the 2009 election cycle,” Hodgson continued. “In November, it is important for all of us to get out and help these candidates get elected.”

Endorsement by the PAC requires candidates to complete a rather extensive questionnaire, and then obtain a favorable vote by the PAC Board. Copies of all submitted questionnaires either are, or will soon be, posted online at

This year’s endorsed candidates join with eleven additional Delegates the LGBT Democrats of Virginia PAC has endorsed in previous elections, and who are unopposed in their re-election bids this year:

Mark Keam (35th)
Ken Plum (36th)
Scott Surovell (44th)
Charniele Herring (46th)
Bob Brink (48th)
Luke Torian (52nd)
David Toscano (57th)
Betsy Carr (69th)
Delores McQuinn (70th)
Jeion Ward (92nd)
Mamye BaCote (95th)

About the Author

Joel McDonald
Joel McDonald served as Vice-Chair for Technology & Communications for LGBT Democrats of Virginia from 2009 to 2014. He currently serves as the Finance Director for Hampton Roads Young Democrats. In 2012, Joel ran successfully for a seat on the Virginia Beach School Board, becoming the youngest and first openly gay official elected in Virginia Beach.