History was made last night

Democrats ran in a number of races unprecedented in recent history, challenging incumbent Republicans in 56 House races and winning 16 of those races without any incumbent Democrat losing their seat. Virginia Democrats also swept statewide races.

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Equality, Pride, and Unity on Display at 2017 Equality Breakfast

Equality Breakfast FBS

The breakfast was an opportunity for Virginia Democrats to come together to celebrate and advance equality, pride, and unity following a passionate primary season. The breakfast was the first event of the day for Virginia Democrats which included their quarterly Central Committee meeting and their annual Jefferson-Jackson Dinner, a major fundraising event for the Party.

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Tickets and Sponsorships Now Available for 2017 Equality Breakfast

We’re excited to let you know that we’ll be hosting our almost-annual Equality Breakfast on June 17, 2017! The breakfast will take place before the Democratic Party of Virginia’s Central Committee meeting. As you probably know, this is the same weekend as the DPVA’s Jefferson Jackson Dinner, so we expect tickets to the breakfast to go fast! Our last breakfast sold out quickly. Don’t miss out, get your tickets today.

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LGBT Democrats of Virginia are you ready?

LGBT Democrats of Virginia Fight Back

We need to bring real change to all levels of government across the country if we are going to fight back against the agenda of President Trump and his minions. We need strong Democrats at every level that will fight for a truly diverse society where all are equal and treated with respect. LGBT Democrats of Virginia is committed to electing Democrats!

To do all we can, we are working with the Democratic Party of Virginia and the Democratic National Committee to help elect Democrats in two special elections being held April 18th. We want to spread the word about these two big special elections and want to ask you to get involved today to help both of these great candidates.

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Volunteers Needed for DPVA Booth at State Fair

We’re using SignUp.com to organize our upcoming shifts for volunteering at the DPVA booth at the State Fair of Virginia. Don’t forget everyone that volunteers gets a free ticket to enter the fair. Plan your day so that you will have time to take in the sounds, food, and events at the State Fair either before or after your shift.

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This Election Matters, But So Do All Elections!

I read an opinion piece yesterday and I agree with one point but not with all… Local elections do matter, but Presidential elections aren’t futile. We must get involved, educate ourselves, and vote in every election if we want a better county, city, state, and country!

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The only way I know to honor those killed and injured in Orlando is to make sure that we elect Democrats.

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A couple weeks ago a friend on Facebook said that she had dinner with her father who is gay. He was voting for Trump because as he put it, he felt that Democrats patronize the LGBT community. Obviously, I disagreed.

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